Exporting textures doesn't export opacity texture in maya exporter

when I check on “export textures” I get textures in my export folder (which is expected) except for my opacity texture. the opacity is working in the babylon editor but there is no texture file. I tried jpg png with and without alphas. again its working in the babylon viewer it just isn’t exporting the texture file.

pinging @Guillaume_Pelletier

Hi Guy’s,
Sorry for the late response.
In maya, (as far i remember) you may have a “use_opacity_map” option to check into the node generated by the exporter. Let me know if ok, otherwise i will investigate further.

Hi, sorry I don’t know where this option is

Hi, can you tell me where this option is? Thanks so much!

Well, i know where is it in the code, but not able to find it on the UI… however, in the code this option is only set for Stingray PBS Material.