Fading mesh with shadow


I have several meshes in a scene, casting shadows, and some of the meshes are fading out at some point. Is there a way to make the shadows of the fading meshes fade out too? I haven’t found any solutions to this online.


Thank you!

This is unfortunately not supported as it would require to support as well colored shadows to ensure more visual consistency.

I actually wonder how we could make it in an efficient way :slight_smile:

A not very efficient way to do it is to use two shadow generators and use one specifically for the transparent sphere:


Note that the ground is very bright because it is lit by both generators…


Oh, nice, thank you! And I got even closer with a second floor that has OnlyShadowMaterial :laughing: (That I couldn’t get to work on the typescript playground)

But yeah, that’s even more expensive…

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You can cheat it with something like this, using the multiple grounds. Without need to use more shadow generators nor lights.


Just animate the alpha of one material

Can anyone explain why with using this approach setting alpha of first material to 1 makes shadow dissapear? I had to put 0.99 to make it work.???

That’s because you have z fighting with the ground 3: comment ground 3 and you will see the shadow.

When setting alpha = 0.99, this flags the mesh as being transparent, so it will be renderer after ground 3, so the shadow will be visible.

Still, z fighting does exist when you move around.

Even colored shadows can be faked with the ShadowOnlyMaterial

But yeah, as @sebavan said, it would be nice to have a proper, efficient way to do it, so that a shadow from a semi-transparent red die, that has an opacity map for the dots, can be casted, but I guess it’s pretty hard to find a really efficient way to do that.

In any case, these replies answer my question, so I will mark this as answered, and hopefully one day we will have a better solution to this.

Thank you!

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You can use dithering to simulate lighter shadows:


It works best with the blur exponential filtering technic, but even then if you zoom a lot you will see the dithering pattern.

Note that I used the new ShadowDepthWrapper to generate the custom shadows :slight_smile:


It looks really great, thank you so much!

Oh I knew it was due to z fighting, but I didn’t know the reason why 0.99 works though, i expected that it shouldn’t work as well. I tried playing with alpha index, suspecting that it has to do something with the render order, but I guess it doesn’t make sense to use alpha index when mesh is not transparent.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: