Fire Assets, (<src> info) to create a transient effect on engineering data

Hi all,

Apologies in advance for what is likely a newbie question. I can’t seem to (a) get the fire material playground to work from the documentation (linked below) as it just shows a black screen and (b) play with this locally as I d

on’t have the following assets on my machine (textures/fire.png, textures/distortion.png and textures/candleopacity.png)

I have linked the following via cdn but is there anything else I need to link? Or when can I download the pngs from?

I am trying to create a moving smoke effect but one that is based on real engineering data, i.e. I have .stl exports from a CFD simulation and I’d like to try and render a moving material on these to give the effect that airflow is transient. I know you can have smoke emitters and particle emitters but the key thing here is to use the real engineering data. Attached (I hope is an image) in which there are three levels of turbulent wake from a car with different material and opacity properties. I’m hoping that by applying a moving texture I can make these look like they are moving.

Would love to hear peoples thoughts on how I can get the fire example / assets or whether there are alternative ideas for a transient wake effect?


PS - The image is rendered with the babylon.js framework

You may just move some texture, emissive for example - How to draw a line with flowing light texture? - #3 by labris
Example -

Yes - I understand and I’d like to have a play with these features but I can’t run in a playground as I can’t import my stl into that and I cant run locally as I can’t find the textures that the materials need. Where are the texture assets to download locally?


This page will help you store your external assets for use in the Playground: