Performance of updating Dynamic Texture on Firefox

I just noticed, that updating of a dynamic texture drops the framerate in firefox browser (122) to 20fps on my notebook, while chrome stays at 60fps.
Here is a simple playground:

If you do not see any difference, please increase the resolution.

Is there any way babylon could improve the performance on firefox?

Here a screenshot of firefox profiler with preset “Graphics” - unfortunately in german:

Maybe related?
1878064 - Low performance on WebGLTexelConversion compared to other browsers.

And if it is related: Firefox Nightly: Error: WebGL: texImage2D: Chosen format/type incured an expensive reformat: 0x1908/0x1401 · Issue #9109 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub

If we cannot find a solution through babylonjs, i am going to forward it to mozillas issues.

Kind regards!

Yes, I can affirm this is way slower on Firefox, very interesting! I always thought Firefox was just slow, but this might explain why, my game uses a lot of dynamic textures…

Thanks for bringing this up!

(edit: for me this PG is capped on chrome at 144 fps and 25 fps on FF!)

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I get the same result. I tried a number of things (change the premultipliedAlpha value when creating the engine, change the texture format / the invertY value, …), but nothing worked. I don’t get any error/warning messages in the console, so it’s hard to know what the problem is…

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Could you raise the issue with Mozilla, it definitely looks like they broke smthg ?

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Replied in the mentioned issue on bugzilla. Hope it is the right place. 8 year old ticket :confused:

not sure if this is true for Firefox, but for Chrome you can download all old versions so you can check if a version from 1-2 years ago already has this issue. If it’s a newer problem it is much easier to report.

Me, I just recommend all my players to not use Firefox for games :confused: (and on my landing page I recommend Chrome, sad as this is)