Flickering issue of Gaussian Splatting with Multiple Cameras

I found a flickering issue of Gaussian Splatting with multiple cameras.
Here I simply added some codes for multi-view on the sample of official docs(Gaussian Splatting Mesh).
I think it caused by re-ordering of gaussian splats on the views of each camera.
Any great idea for solving this?

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cc @Cedric, but I don’t see an easy fix for this…

One fix would be to create two gaussian splatting meshes and have each camera display only one:


That’s expected, Gaussian Splats are sorted back to front because of blending.
Flickering disappear if both views have the same camera direction.

@Evgeni_Popov is right, there is no easy fix. Having 2 gaussian splatting meshes uses more memory but it’s the only way to have 2 independent splat sorting.