Issues using external source for videoTexture


I uploaded a .mp4 to my hosting and I’m trying to see it in an Android app (in a Babylon object) and it seems to work but I only get the audio while the video texture doesnt load.

What could be my error?

Some time ago I saw that it could be a conversion problem, if so, can anybody tell me how can I convert my video?

Thank you all.

I use handbrake (if you’re on OSX), to compress all my videos to mp4. Regarding error, see if you can reproduce it on a playground.

Thank you thrice, I’m using windows but I’ll try handbrake


I have no issues with mp4 files on video textures. However, as @thrice mentions, for compatibility - Handbrake will do the job. If you have any questions about the export settings, there are many posts online which will walk you through all correct web compatibility settings.

If this doesn’t work for you, then perhaps file size and/or resolution is an issue?


Hi Galen, I tried Handbake and the BabylonJS presentation video but nothing, I know that in a website could be a CORS restriction but I dont know about Android. After Handbrake’s conversion again, I only get the audio.

Is there a specific settings to follow for conversion?

These will hopefully show the the essentials.


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Thank you Galen, I’ll try it

Thanks Galen, now its working as I wanted

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