.glb export is not exporting shoulders, arms, fingers

The animation for only the head and neck is exported.
Error messages are just for texture things.
I also tried baking all of the joints first and still the animation is only coming over for the head and neck.
If I export an alembic all of the animation is correct but alembics do not have textures.
I could just use alembic but those shoes took hours to texture the faces.
Please help me

Where are you exporting the model from ?

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Oh yes… that might help
Maya 2022

If you can share the Maya scene, @Guillaume_Pelletier should be able to help.

Is there a private way to share the asset?
I have a link to dropbox but do not really want everyone here downloading it

You can direct message the asset to @Guillaume_Pelletier and me.

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I got in touch with GP on LinkedIn and the system says I cannot send personal messages to you two.

Screenshot 2022-06-24 103907

I mean private message here on the forum.

I guess I do not know how to send you a private message. :frowning:
I found a tool that will export some textures with alembic

and am trying to export with that first to get the animation
and then maybe try to use your tool to get all of the textures
…but it’s really maddening for me because this is not my area of expertise.

Can you check in with GP on the file I sent him?

It appears you can’t send private messages as a new user. :frowning: cc @carolhmj

Yeah they’d have to be a higher trust level to send it… I can manually grant if needed :slight_smile:

I just gave up on trying to get the assets to export correctly and brought the characters into the space posed with their power spinning over their head. Let me know if you are ever able to get the entire animation to transfer with the file I sent.

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