Glow Layer and mesh instance problem

I have 4 instances of a mesh in my scene, everything is working fine until I set the GlowLayer… The instances are going black when cameras frustum moves away from one of the instanced meshes, lets call it “screen2”, when “screen2” is in frustum, all instances are fine, but when is out, all instances except “screen2” are turning black. This does not happen without GlowLayer.
Now I can fix this by setting the “alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh” on “screen2”, I would just appreciate some input if I’m doing this right.
“screen2” is not even the mesh from which I’ve created all instances, its the first created instance from “screen” mesh. All instancing is done in Blender, and exported.
So once again it happens only with GlowLayer introduced.

Hi @varDacha and welcome to the forum. Out of interest does the same happen if you use clones rather than instances?

Can you repro on the playground?
Pinging @sebavan

I know what I did… I’ ve set “includedOnlyMeshes” on light, and thus getting this issue with GlowLayer Glow with instance
If comment creation of Glow, its ok. Should I rethink the approach…?

Ok bug found!! I wil update the nightly in a couple of hours with the fix :slight_smile:

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Thanks people, keep up the good work, you have amazing product!

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