Gltf bug went under the radar?

Hey team / @bghgary
I was browsing some gizmo PGs and saw this GLTF yeti guy’s right-arm fur and left eye floating (his pov)

I remember this PG as looking fine in the past and on bjs 4.21 it indeed does, but both 5.71 and latest have the floating objects :thinking:

cc @PatrickRyan, maybe there’s something special with the asset…

The asset from our asset library does work:

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oh, probably something different in the asset then!
Example on gizmo docs uses the faulty one though,
3’rd from the bottom of examples list

The one from @PatrickRyan’s repo had an issue with it. I made some fixes to the glTF loader that exposed this problem in the asset which has now been fixed.

You can read about the changes I made in the doc: glTF 2.0 Skinning | Babylon.js Documentation


I’ll update the one in my repo with the fixed asset to catch all other cases.