GLTFExporter: Generated .glb doesn't animate in Powerpoint

I know that Powerpoint’s forums might be more appropriate but, I was asking here because, maybe there’s an issue with the exporter that might bright warnings to other loaders, but nor for babylon.

The attached .glb can normally play its animation in the sandbox, but not in powerpoint.
If I bring in a different 3D model (not from the exporter), it gets perfectly animated there.

.glb file

The code is quite basic:
const glbData = await GLTF2Export.GLBAsync(scene, 'scene.glb', { shouldExportNode, }); glbData.downloadFiles(); });

@bghgary and @thomlucc might be able to help here but this will anyway take more time than our usual Babylon speed to fix issue as you can imagine :slight_smile:


The exported .glb’s animations work in other model viewers (Windows Model Viewer, Three-Model-Viewer). It also passes glTF validation. Definitely looks like a PowerPoint issue. @PolygonalSun do you know what the right protocol is? Can we report an issue to them?


I would say that the official protocol would be to report this bug via the Feedback Hub app. At the very least, this would get the issue on their radar. We could attempt to at least find the correct contact and inform them about this issue to try and improve visibility. This issue would probably take some time to fix though.


PowerPoint only supports skinned animations. It has no support for other animations (node transforms or morph targets) at the moment.

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