Grab Behavior issue while using WebXR Movement Controls

I’ve been spending some time with the Movement Controls in WebXR this weekend and I came across a strange side effect.

When using these controls in a scene with an object that has a SixDofDragBehavior attached, the grabbed object is moved away from (or towards) the player when using the forward and backward controls. This is hard to describe so I recorded a short video that shows the issue.

I also copied the movement control playground to show the issue. I reduced the movement speed to make it easier to see this issue. Here is the playground.

cc @RaananW

Thanks! Your scene looks really nice for experimentations :slight_smile:

So, if I understand it correctly from the video, it seems like when you move forwards and backwards with a mesh remotely grabbed (and not near-grabbed), the object’s transformation changes incorrectly.

@syntheticmagus - will you have time to take a look at that? otherwise you can assign it to me and I can check it out later this week.

Thanks! It’s part of a “learning in public” side project called Canvatorium where I’m learning my way around Babylon JS with a focus on WebXR and GUI for spatial computing.

Yes, that is it exactly. It’s an edge case for sure, but I thought it was worth bringing up.


i’ll look into that later this week. feels like a bug that needs to be addressed, but I need to investigate first.

@RaananW just checking, was this investigated? I can create an issue for prioritization if not :smiley:

I’m creating an issue for that :slight_smile:

*EDIT - [XR] Investigate issue with movement and 6DOF in XR · Issue #12439 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (