Growing a sphere organically

I hope this isn’t a too simple offering for the demo-section but I made a growing sphere using BabylonJS. It’s hardly flawless as the animation stops for a moment every time the code is adding extra objects in the render-loop.


At some point I do hope to be able to produce good enough animations to be used in marketing videos but that will take time…

PS. Any chance of adding CoffeeScript support to the Playground as I do like to do my casual coding using it?


Thanks, I guess the major inspiration for me was the intro sequences you can see in the Game of Thrones. I sure wish I was able to produce the same quality output. But at least I managed to produce something.

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@tapio40k nice work! To prevent the hiccup as new new nodes are added, you could add all the required nodes at the outset then just set enabled or opacity to reveal the geometry? Just a thought …