Havok: Incorrect scaling of mesh when dragging with constraint

OS: Windows 10
Browser: Chromium and Firefox

Desc: I’m trying to drag a mesh with physics enabled with constraint, to make dragging more natural, but when the mesh being dragged, the scaling of meshes goes wrong.

If it can help you in debugging: I have seen this error pattern with messed up quaternions, too. So not necessirly scaling.

Using buildin inspector of playground, the changing of scaling can be observed like this:

This is an interesting bug! yes, it looks a bit like non normalized quaternion. I’ll take a closer look asap


I’ve found a fix.
Please test it when the snapshot is available @kzhsw


The scaling does not change now with this pr, but the box jumps out and does not stop moving even after pointer released. Is there something wrong with my playground or more fixed needed?

Yes, I think it’s related to the way the constraint is set. it pushes the box to a position that generates collisions.

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Could you provide some example on how to set the constraint correctly? I’m quite new to havok.