Physics body on different position with mesh

Version: 7.6.2

using this code to create physics body of mesh, but resulting physics body is on different position with source mesh, not that not all PhysicsShapeTypes testes, but the same happens with BABYLON.PhysicsShapeType.MESH

var b = new BABYLON.PhysicsAggregate(model, BABYLON.PhysicsShapeType.CONVEX_HULL, {
    mass: 1,

Step to reproduce:

  1. Open the playground
  2. Open Inspector
  3. Check Debug → HELPERS → Physics


Hi @kzhsw
Is it the correct PG?
I don’t see any reference to convex hull and mesh is different.

Sorry for the mistake, I’ve updated the main thread and corrected link to the playground

I think it is the same problem as here.

Baking may be a solution:

Hi @Cedric , I’ve updated the link to pg in the main thread, any new ideas?

I think it’s related to Incorrect size of physics body - #3 by sebavan I’ll check both issues at the same time, later this week.