How can I adjust my lighting to this effect?

I want this feeling Steampunk chest - Download Free 3D model by Václav Pleticha (@klidas8) [8971ef1] - Sketchfab
but i get this it’s too darkness.

Forget the lights. What you need is an environmentTexture for your scene for IBL

Here’s the default one added:

Choose one that fits your needs (darker, graytone not colored) - like one from here:

And next thing you can see on sketchfab is an unreal bloom. You can simply add one with this magic:

I guess this will help a lot. Especially the IBL for PBRs


Hi there @haoguang_shen just checking in, were you able to achieve the effect you wanted? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yes,it’s i wanted.

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