How does IBL work in Babylon?

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I am having troubles understanding how IBL works in Babylon. As far as I know, I can achieve it by using an environment Texture as a Cube map. In my Playground, I have a scene with baked AO and shadows from the sun as a light source. Now I wanted to try out IBL for lighting (and also for creating a somewhat working “mirror” because the cube map is visible in the mirror). I created the .env file via the Babylon web converter after creating an HDR of my Scene in Blender.

My Problem is, that all the baked shadows seem to disappear and all just gets dark when I add the environment texture to the scene (even though the shadows are a baked texture and not created by Babylon).

Without IBM:

With IBM:

This is my PG with the environment commented out…

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It is darker cause your IBL is darker than the one you load in createDefaultEnvironment

Your env looks like

so pretty dark

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