How can I make my particles look more apparent?

playground here: (you can click on the left sphere, and on the right sphere you can see where you clicked; click more, you will see color changes; basically, it is a not-to-good way of drawing a heat map on the surface of a 3D object)

I want to know if there is any technique I can apply to my scene so that the particles on the right look more beautiful and less distractive (right now, I feel like there are too many whites in my eyes and the actual color aren’t apparent).

some ways I think can be used to improve:
(1) change color/light etc
(2) create surface based on points (for the right group of particles) and draw color on the surface


Heya, I made some quick changes to try out making the colored particles glow using an instanced attribute glowColor. The white spheres have it set to transparent (no glow) and the colored spheres have it set to their unique color to make them stand out more. So that’s another idea you could play with. :slight_smile:

PS I was at 100 FPS before adding the glow layer and now I’m at 53 FPS on my MacBook for example, but if you switch from instances to thin instances you’ll get a nice FPS boost I suspect, making the glow layer less relevant.

EDIT: I did a quick test to change from instances to thin instances and the FPS is up from 53 to about 1400, so it could be a worthwhile change IMO, to make room for post processing like glow or highlight, etc. :beers:


Hi @Blake, thanks for your great effort, it looks much much better now :smile:.

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You’re welcome, glad it helped. :slight_smile: And PS if you have any questions about the changes let me know and I can explain those parts in more detail.

@Blake Hey Blake, I met another issue with my particles and it is related to removing thin instances. Since you came up with using thin instances in your post the first time, I just wanna ping you this time to see if you have any ideas on this? I already posted my question as a new topic in the forum, the link is here How can I preserve variable values in GUI slider.onValueChangedObservable method?.
If you have time, could you take a look at it and give me some suggestions.