How can I render a heatmap at sphere position?

I’m stuck on one issue with rendering the heatmap at the sphere position. So, what I’m doing is, I’ve some dummy company data with x,y and z positions. And I’m rendering them as sphere points on a plane. Thanks to this playground I got to know how to render a heatmap on a plane.

So, using the simple heat module as used in the above playground I used it in mine too and tried to render the heatmap at all sphere points on the plane. But, that’s not working as I expected.

That’s my Playground link - Heatmap Playground

Instead of rendering on a sphere point, it renders all over the plane like this -

It should be like the below - to show you guys how I want it, I just render that on-scene click

So, for one sphere point, one heat should plot at the sphere location. Can someone help me to understand how can I make it work or what I’m doing wrong here?

If I had to make a quick guess, I believe it’s because your points are not matching the size and position of your ground. They are all in the world space ‘floating’ in the canvas, where their position should match (or be translated to) the size and position of your ground.
If I do a quick and dirty (and approximate) translation, by simply changing the size of the ground to a 1,1,1 unit and half the position to approximately the position of your spheres, I get a result that is somewhat close:


Thanks, @mawa I tried what you said and now I’m able to plot it at sphere positions.