How should I go about dealing with inverted spheres w/ procedural textures

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So I’m trying to make it so the HemiSphere is the sky but in order for the texture to work it
needs to be a diffuse texture
** My problem:** the texture is being cast onto the ground (Oh
no!) so woop dee doo what in the heck do i do? My theory is that the fact that it is a diffuse
texture is making the texture cast onto the ground which actually pretty nasty if i do say so
myself. Any response is appreciated TYIA!

also there should be more tags like say for instance the branches of materials but that’s another mission for another day

Your texture is not cast on the ground object but on the part that is closing the hemisphere. You will see it better by moving backward and using a hemispheric light:

You have some z-fighting because the ground is at the exact same y position than the closing part of the hemisphere.

Use BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateSphere if you want to create an hemisphere without the closing part (Creating A Sphere | Babylon.js Documentation).

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I see your point, and thank you so much for responding!
Reference: ( ). Undoubtedly it fixed the issue that I was dealing with but I feel as it’s going to load extra polygons that the user shouldn’t need to load in. It is minute, but is there any methods that can for instance to have a max/min render distance to attain a hemisphere type of mesh? TYIA

Yes, try this: