How to create a "Light-glare" effect?

I have an animated mesh that is the emitter for a particle system.
I’d like to create a “light.glare” effect a bit like this one:
P.S. here is the full reference video:

I don’t know how to create such an effect.
I’ve tried to use “VolumetricLightScatteringPostProcess”, but it’s quite heavy, it create a lot of banding, and it does not give to me the look that I’d like to achieve (the light flare should be much more a star). This is my test:

Is there a way to realize such effect?
Many thanks!

From my point of view the simplest would be to create another particle system with another ‘glare’ texture and start it somewhere at the end of animation. Or even use sprites for this purpose - Babylon.js Playground

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This might do the trick Lens Flares | Babylon.js Documentation

Short answer just to beat @labris

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And I failed again… way too slow :slight_smile: @labris you rock !!! and @DanieleSuppo I love where your project is going !!!

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labris Well, at this point I’m forced to finish it for this Christmas :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Your solution with sprites could be the best one, if I had so much time to make a spritesheet and to understand how to use it.
Maybe “another PS with another ‘glare’ texture” could do the trick in less time, but please could you explain me a little better what you mean?
If I create another PS, with a glare texture, this would be… a particle system, not a “glare” effect on the top of the 1st PS… am I wrong?

Ahhh… maybe I’ve understood: I should create a new PS with a glare texture, that does create and destroy particles so quickly that at the end the effect should be more or less like this one. Isn’t it?

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I think that for glare illusion it would be even enough to use a plane with appropriate texture and show it at the end of the animation for 200-300 ms with some scaling up.