How to create Water foam effect

Hello! I think it’s my first topic and I really sorry if answer for it has already exist, I tried to find it, but could not :frowning:

My problem is water white foam effect, I’m looking for easiest way to do it via Babylon.js. I have tried to use water material abd it’s perfect, but it’s doesn’t support that effect. Has anybody encountered such as problem?

And I need to say “Thank you so much guys!” to Babylon.js team, Babylon is magic framefork and I really love it :slight_smile:


@julien-moreau, sorry for this mention :frowning:

I’ve seen your answers in several topics about water material and you looks like expert in this field. Have you ever encountered such as problem?

In the AC demo, it looks like they’re using a custom shader:

I’m agree foam could be a nice addition to the water shader.

In the meantime, maybe it’s possible to make a fake? I’ve started a playground to play a little about that, but for now it’s ugly :smiley:

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Julien has talked about going to recreate the water by adding features. This could be one of the interesting additions I suppose.


Any progress on this or any ideas ?

By accident I found this perlin noise example which can be used as a water foam on a mesh:

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@PatrickRyan or @PirateJC might have some ideas about it ???