How to duplicate mesh operations/animations within one NME Node?

I’ve got a Thin Instance feeding Instances into an NME node and I wanted to know if it is possible to create two varying sets of animation with the nodes, to affect one group of Instances, and output a duplication?


  • Thin Instance of cubes
  • passed into NME
  • create two threads of animation that affect the T.I. and terminate with a combine or a Add Node to merge all the transformations into one packet
  • output into the one Vertex Output, such that it effectively duplicates the one Thin Instance with two Animation variations combined with one another.

Is this possible? Or should it be done another way? I’m trying to maintain only one packet of Instances.

Hey @labris - any idea on how to do this in NME ?

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I am even more noob with NME than you :slight_smile:
Still waiting for some textual NME guide or tutorial…

Bahaha no way…
What do you mean by textual NME guide?
PS. I am now like … a god in Playground :stuck_out_tongue: – only because of you :smiley:
***lowercase “g” :smiley:

Some content written with the help of letters in English language :slight_smile:
Shortly - NME documentation.
Video lessons are excellent but they are hard to work with.

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Yeah! I get you… Maybe my playground might be useful. I’ve commented out notes to help myself understand what on earth is happening :rofl:

Maybe I can add more notes to break down things further at the end?

Hi @HirangaG just checking in, did you find a way do to that or would you like some more help? :smiley: