How to get transform matrix or function from points before and after transform

I’m trying to visualize points from WGS-84 coordinate system in a babylon.js scene, and the scene has some meshes with known position in the WGS-84 coordinate system.
So, firstly use functions like Cartesian3.fromRadians to convert from WGS-84 points to Cartesian points.
So, we have the Cartesian points converted from the WGS-84 points, and the points of the same position picked from the model of the babylon.js scene, how to get transform matrix or function from these points?
I’ve searched the internet and found something like the Kabsch_algorithm, and another algorithm from 4 points from stackoverflow, but there does not seems an impl in javascript. Are these algorithms good enough in performance and precision? Are there existing work on this?

Hey do you mind sharing a simple repro in the PG so we can help investigate?