How to import colorGradingWithGreenDepth

Hello friends,
Here is the pipeline template - from the Documentation.
For import I use

import { DefaultRenderingPipeline } from "@babylonjs/core/PostProcesses/RenderPipeline/Pipelines/defaultRenderingPipeline"
import { ColorCurves } from "@babylonjs/core/Materials/colorCurves"
import { ColorGradingTexture } from "@babylonjs/core/Materials/"

The question is: how to import colorGradingWithGreenDepth to make this line of code to work?

defaultPipeline.imageProcessing.colorGradingWithGreenDepth = false;

What do you have in the defaultPipeline.imageProcessing value?

Well, I have a lot of something there :slight_smile:

Yes so this makes sense :slight_smile: the imageProcessingPostProcess has no property named colorGradingWithGreenDepth

This is a property of the image processing configuration class:

defaultPipeline.imageProcessing.imageProcessingConfiguration.colorGradingWithGreenDepth should work then :slight_smile:

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Do we need to change the code here and in the PG example?


Yes most definitely (cc @PirateJC )

@labris feel free to do a PR with any changes necessary for the docs! Thanks so much for flagging this!

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