I converted HDR to PBR images, there is no clarity PBR images in babylon,js

I converted HDR to PBR images, there is no clarity for PBR images in babylon,js ,how to change interface default lighting in babylon.js

I wouldn’t say that the explanation provided in the doc is not clear. Of course, it can still be improved. But I think for a rendering engine there’s already quite a bit of help provided for things that aren’t related to the engine itself. Such as explanations for how PBR Materials work (with an environment).
You should provide a PG because the video will not allow us to give you proper feedback on what is happening. And then, there’s some mixing in your text between material and image/texture. May be it’s a matter of language? In any case, an HDR image cannot be changed into a PBR material. Textures and materials are two different things. Beyond that, PBR as its name suggests, is a physically based render. In order to provide accurate results, it would need an environment which could be an HDR (among others). So, I’m afraid that without the PG or at least the material settings and the information of light(s) and environment used, it will not possible to help. As for changing the default light settings (from the default camera or light helper), all you have to do is add your own light(s).

Edit: Admit you are using an HDR texture/image on a PBR material (I believe this is what you are saying, is it?) What will happen next if you keep with your HDR env, is that both will sum up and explode the texture. So either you edit your HDR in psd to set new levels for a non-hdr - - OR - - you can reduce the level of the texture and/or environement in BJS.


Driving School HDRI • Poly Haven This is images what i converted

here added a playground can you please check the env from above code there is no clarity, how to set this ,?
I need a clarity image HDR

I’m sorry, I still don’t really understand what you mean by ‘a clarity image’?
So I will just make an assessment: I assume you want to use your downloaded hdr as a reflection texture on a PBR material.
The point is, the PG you are using will already not work properly with this image.
What you downloaded is an hdr equirectangular texture. It will never match the cube map of a skybox. Instead, what you want to do is use a sphere or a dome and project your texture on this.
Next, on the side of the reflection on the PBR materialed object in the scene, what you will likely want to do is create a new clone of this texture so you can set the levels independantly (and also the rotation matrix). Then you’ll use this clone of your environment texture as reflection and refraction texture on your PBR material(s).
Here’s a PG that illustrates this:

Hope this helps and if I misunderstood your question, please provide some more details.
Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses: