How to make xiaomisu7?


I want to know how to achieve light lines changes on the body of a car when it is in motion
The colorful light reflected by the car body?

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  1. uv动画,准备一个Mesh覆盖在车表面,光线流动所在的面,准备张光线的png纹理,使用shader移动纹理。

  2. instanceMesh,用面条状的实体的线,规划好线的路径,然后用bezier曲线去计算位置,类似于tailline那种手动控制。

  3. UV animation, prepare a mesh to cover the surface of the car, the surface where the light flows, prepare a png texture of the light, and use a shader to move the texture.

  4. instanceMesh, use the lines of a noodle shaped entity to plan the path of the lines, and then use a bezier curve to calculate the position, similar to the manual control of a tailline.

This effect can be made with uv shader animation, you need a complex mesh

The first and second “longpress effects” can be achieved through UV animation, and the last two effects need shader,I think

鼠标按下去的时候车身的光线变化,有没有可能是cubemap 的运动,然后车身本身发射cubemap产生的效果?

Is it possible that it is the movement of cubemap?Vehicle reflection

That is reflection probe, he use a 6 capture to generate a dynamic CubeTexture.

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Thank you master :+1: