How to recreate PBR with the NodeMaterial

Have you loaded the node material package?

Yes, I did

Then (though you already answered that) it would be wonderful to have it reproduced as a project I can simply load.

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@RaananW here is a github link - yofetahe/babylonjs_nme_issue_repro ( It holds sample project for TypeScript and Javascript. You will get the issue on TypeScript version, when you try to open the node material editor from inspector/scene explorer.

Please let me know if it needs additional info.

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looking into it now

Ok - a temporary solution until I fully debug the situation -

Add this to the beginning of your index.ts:

import * as TEST from '@babylonjs/core';

(globalThis as any).BABYLON = TEST;

And then yo get this:

There is an issue with the imports and the global namespace (which is not being populated when not using the UMD packages). This will update the global namespace that will then be used in the nme


@RaananW Thank you. I tested your temp solution and it works on my end as well. :slight_smile:

Hope you post me when you get the permanent solution.

Thank you so much again.

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