How to step up any distance

If you try to move forward, rather than step up the small step, you are shot backward. Is there any way to say “changes in height less than 0.25 units cause you to move up them”?

Yes! It’s supposed to already work like that out of the box! It is very much related to your speed and the velocity in which you enter the collision. This is how we support climbing stairs in (for example) the esplit demo. I wonder what is off in this demo. It seems to be an example that should simply work.
I do agree that the throwback seems a bit too excessive. I won’t be able to check it in the next few days, but if you want to submit an investigation ticket on github, I will do it when I find the time.

Still happens, so I added a Github Issue

It is actually mostly because of the shape of the ellipsoid
I change it to be more “human” and I also reduce the gravity:

you also have to look forward because the camera will go toward where you look by default and if you look at the ground it will required more energy to step up

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This is usually the case with collisions - gravity too high/speed too low/ellipsoid doesn’t fit the scenario.

This is not a bug as this is how the system should work. Maybe for 5.0 we can improve the stepping-up algorithm to support minimum configurable step size? We could change the ticket to a feature request for 5.0

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