Session mode 'immersive-vr' not supported in browser

Session mode ‘immersive-vr’ not supported in browser.
Chrome version is 109.0.5414.120.Operation system is win10.Hardware is HTC Vive Pro.

This is an issue for @RaananW :slight_smile:

Do you have the OpenXR runtime from Steam VR Beta? Chrome Hardware Support - Immersive Web Developer Home

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I set the OpenXR runtime for Steam VR in win10. It is OK.

But when I do the same thing in win11, the problem still exist.

Hmmm might be something on the specific Win11 runtime then :confused: @RaananW do you know anyone working on that?

Try installing this - Microsoft Apps , it will provide you with information regarding your openxr runtime on windows. You can reset all settings if nothing else works, and try setting steam again as the default runtime.

This exists as well - GitHub - WaGi-Coding/OpenXR-Runtime-Switcher: OpenXR Runtime-Switcher for Windows , but I haven’t tested that. Worth a try

After installing Microsoft App, I get unkonwn openxr runtime.

it does seem like steam vr is your openxr runtime. You can try using the windows openxr runtime, using the microsoft mixed reality portal. This will probably not work with your vive, but will allow you to check if MR is working on your system.

I am sorry I am unable to help here, but this seems like system-dependent. I will run a few tests with the steam VR runtime and see if I can find something, but I can’t really promise anything. sorry…

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