I have created realistic human model in blender and now I want to open it in Babylon.js, but while opening in babylon.js it doesn't show texture and material.. please help.. unable proceed since few weeks

Please do not forget to add a link to a Playground to get a faster answer:

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We will need a repro in the Playground to be able to help.

If you need to host a file to be used from the playground, you can follow the instructions from this page:

Something to check: look at the console of the browser, in case there are some errors showing up there.

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Hi and Welcome to the Community,
From your screenshot, it looks to me like at least some of your materials and textures have been imported and applied to your model. So you are not all that far from getting there.
Aside from a PG as the recom from @Evgeni_Popov you can also start by adding a debug layer to your code


From there, use the ‘inspector’ and unfold your ‘Nodes’ and ‘Materials’. By selecting a Node from the list with a missing material, check on that Node properties if a material is applied. Also, by going through the list of materials, check for any missing materials, materials with duplicate names or weird names. By selecting one of the material assigned to a node/mesh that does not show, check on the properties of the material to spot anything that could make this material not to display correctly.

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Hi @Mandy and welcome to the forum,

If you’re model is exported in the GLTF Format, maybe that could help you.



Not sure we need a pg in this case, but an export file. If a .babylon file, then also add the log file. You can put stuff into a zip file and add to a reply.

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Hello @Mandy just checking in, are you still having issues?