IES lights not working


We trying for IES light effect from web…

The output seems completely distorted, is there any specific methods we need to use ?

using blender we are able to the below output

just tried a workaround…

@blender…added sun light to the scene and few configurations, exported in gltf format
seems sun light is not exported inspite of selecting “punctual lights” while exporting in gltf format…

@sebavan can u help us how to get this effect

This is not supported in Babylon or GLTF :frowning: there are some discussions in progress for GLTF to add it but it is not there yet cc @bghgary to confirm

The working group merged the IES extension already. It is here: glTF/extensions/2.0/Vendor/EXT_lights_ies/ at main · KhronosGroup/glTF ( This is a multi-vendor extension so it does not need to be ratified. I am only aware of NVidia supporting this extension. We are free to implement it, but I don’t know how complex it is.

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@bghgary in Babylonjs 7.0 any update in the IES lights, i could not find anything on this

This gltf approach is too complex to implement. Any help with relavant PG would be great


No, we haven’t made any progress on this. Why do you say the glTF approach is too complex?

@bghgary thanks for the update
We imported.ies file into blender and applied to the scene, once it is exported in gltf format we are unable to get the effect in Babylonjs


Does Blender support exporting to glTF with the IES extension?

am using blender 3.6 and gltf version 2.0
could not find official documentation on this from blender

My guess is that Blender doesn’t support the IES extension since it’s relatively new. Without that, the pipeline will be missing a step.

I also noticed there is another thread on this topic: IES light profile support - Feature requests - Babylon.js (