IES lights not working


We trying for IES light effect from web…

The output seems completely distorted, is there any specific methods we need to use ?

using blender we are able to the below output

just tried a workaround…

@blender…added sun light to the scene and few configurations, exported in gltf format
seems sun light is not exported inspite of selecting “punctual lights” while exporting in gltf format…

@sebavan can u help us how to get this effect

This is not supported in Babylon or GLTF :frowning: there are some discussions in progress for GLTF to add it but it is not there yet cc @bghgary to confirm

The working group merged the IES extension already. It is here: glTF/extensions/2.0/Vendor/EXT_lights_ies/ at main · KhronosGroup/glTF ( This is a multi-vendor extension so it does not need to be ratified. I am only aware of NVidia supporting this extension. We are free to implement it, but I don’t know how complex it is.