Inspector crashes when selecting different tabs?

So i’m already using the inspector since the beginning of my project. At some point i haven’t touche dit anymore. Now i realized that when i click on the Debug-tab the inspector disappears and i get this error:

I use the Inspector in embeded mode, popup disabled and with overlay true.
Only the Debug-tab leads to the crash, everything else works fine.

I’m sorry that i can’t reproduce it in the sandbox, so yeh. I know it’s probably not possible to fix it.

Hello! Can you share your project with us?

No, sorry i can’t. I know it’s most likely impossible to help, just thougth, maybe someone also somehow ran into this. I currently don’t need the Debugger just clicked on it by accident.

No problems if you can’t share, but yeah, we’d need at least something to be able to know what’s going on :confused: maybe you can share a simplified version of your project, just with your build stack and the inspector?