iOS 15.5 Update seems to fix the display bug

Can anybody else confirm that the update to iOS 15.5 released today fixed the display bug?

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I can’t confirm. I have stopped updating iOS as it was creating just more bugs with each update :wink:
But if it’s true, I’d stay it’s good news and also…it’s about time :hourglass:

FYI: New WebKit Features in Safari 15.5


  • Fixed WebGL rendering when using preserveDrawingBuffer on iOS
  • Fixed a number of issues related to multisampling that were breaking a lot of WebGL content
  • Fixed handling TypedArray with AllowShared to be accepted
  • Fixed WEBGL_multi_draw validation
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OMG. I just liked an iOS update (silly me :wink:

@sid yup it looks like it :slight_smile:

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I think so as well

Yep glow layer is working again on my updated iPhone too, even with antialiasing enabled. Hurray!