Glow layer freezes iPhone browser render


I just discovered that the glow layer freezes the screen from properly rendering on my iPhone. This issue happens on IOS 15.4.1. I don’t remember having this issue in previous versions. Here is a link to try on your iPhones, Attached below is a screen recording of the issue

Would anyone please tell me how to resolve this issue? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

cc @bghgary and everyone else with a iPhone

@Harvey_Li This looks like the ongoing iOS bug affecting all major WebGL frameworks right now : ( There are a few threads about it already. Possible upcoming iOS 15.4 bug WebKit supposedly has a fix for this and waiting to release

One fix has been found to turn off anti aliasing on iOS. I have a feeling that is not going to help with glow but its worth a shot !


Thanks! Stuck in this bug for a week, can’t believe iOS 15.4 is the ultimate cause lol.

Me neither to be honest cause it starts to be really long for a pretty big issue now :frowning:

Apple sucks big time for everything web related