IOS - Iphone 11 - texImage3D is Not a function

Hey guys… Im getting a n.texImage3D is not a function error when trying to load my racing scene on an IPhone 11.

Any ideas what this can be about ???

iOS does not support webgl 2 (AFAIK), and you are probably trying to load a texture that is not supported.

What kind of textures is the game loading?

Normal jpg and png … maybe it’s the environment texture .

Does iOS support .dds and .env files

could you provide the code to reproduce this? it seems to me like a webgl2 feature that should not be called when on iOS.

Are you creating a render target texture by any chance?

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Not that i know of… I am loading a GLTF i created with Unity Exporter.

I am just trying to load a cube with default material (Desktop Screenshot)

But this scene on ios

Here is the example GLTF files (3.6 KB)

Oh shit… I forgot about Cascade Shadow Map Generator. I am creating CSM from my GLTF Extension.

Whats the best way to detect if WebGL 2 is enabled in browser… That way i can fallback to NON-Cascade Shadow Maps for lower than webgl 2 ???

i guess just checking engine.webGLVersion :slight_smile: