Is it possible to attach the mirror material to a mesh from a blender file without using glass?

Hi, one last thing, how do I remove that grey line between the cube and reflection of the cube?

Also, when I applied the same stuff to other mirrors, it was coming as inverted or zoomed in Where can I do the trial and error stuff. I tried with different values in the cubeMirrorNormal and reflector but not upto the mark. Any help on this one??

Your mirror must be a plane not a box. I set the scaling of Cube.001 mesh to 0.0001 in this example.

If you’ll use a plane as an mirror and replace the normal (-1, 0, 0) in this line cubeMirrorNormal = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformNormal(new BABYLON.Vector3(-1, 0, 0), cubeMirrorMatrix) with the real normal it should work, so: cubeMirrorNormal = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformNormal(cuberMirrorNormal, cubeMirrorMatrix)

In the PG we are getting the normal from the 3 first vertices:
let cubeMirrorNormal = new BABYLON.Vector3(cubeMirrorNormals[0], cubeMirrorNormals[1], cubeMirrorNormals[2]);Since we are not using a plane we can’t be sure if we get the normal of the mirror surface face or any other face in the mesh. That’s why we’re using a hardcoded normal (-1, 0, 0) in the PG. If using a plane we can be sure that we are getting the normal of the mirror surface face. If you get the backface normal just scale it by -1.

Alright, will use a plane. If possible please share the PG of the image you’ve shared…

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Line #27 added.

Ok, so I applied the plane and working fine. But I have a model which I cannot share here but in that the reflection is coming upside down. Anyway to fix that??

Can you DM me the model?

Unfortunately, I can’t as it is of work and cannot share the model publicly.

Remove the majotrity of the model and leave there only the mirror part and share the stripped model. Do not remove the parents. Would it work for you this way?

Maybe: Check for negatives scales on the mesh, it’s parents.