Mirror style material (.glb) without using a cubeTexture or HDR

Hello everyone,
I’ve created a Glass material library in Blender and exported it in .glb.
When I load it in the sandbox, the effect is the same as in Blender, while when I see it in my scene, the glass loses its “mirror style” effect.
I guess that the problem here is that in the sandbox scene, an hdr skybox is present while my scene has only a clearcolor.

The problem is that I need to keep that full white color as a background of my scene.
From what i’ve seen, hdr textures and skybox approaches needs to be visible to work and have an effect on the material.

Do you know if there’s a way to reach this goal only with lights, or maybe some properties on the material? Or idk, maybe there’s a way to keep the effect of the hdr without visually see it?

this is the sandbox result:

while this one is the playground with a clearColor scene:
Babylon.js Playground

Thank you very much in advance


You can define the scene’s environment texture but not display it (just like in the sandbox):

reflection finishings | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)

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I misunderstood the usage and interpreted wrong the documentation. I thought that you needed a skybox hdr to have that effect.
Thank you @RaananW :pray:

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