Is it possible to change shoutcut for node material editor?

I’m new to babylonjs. I learned that I can do multiple block selection in node material editor by pressing ctrl and holding left mouse button.

The problem is, I’m using a macbook pro, and everytime I try to do the multiple selection, the macintosh just interpret my action as doing right mouse click.I have searched for solutions to change the behavior ,but found there is no way to properly handle the problem.

Thank you all. Forgive my poor English.

Some friends mentioned that cmd+click can do multiple selection. but that is not the same as ctrl+mouse draging. ctrl+mouse draging can do ‘rectangle selction’. It’s more convinient to have ctrl+mouse draging than cmd+click when I need to have many blocks to be selected.

Hi @Barry and welcome to the forum

I’m sure @Deltakosh and @PatrickRyan have some thoughts about that.

@carolhmj is it not something you worked on with the meta key ?

Yeah I did try to add that but it seems like it wasn’t enough :frowning: @PolygonalSun do you have any thoughts on how support for multi select with cmd can be added?


Try holding down the “command” key while clicking on multiple blocks, it works on my MacBook now. :slight_smile: Maybe it just needs to be added to the documentation if it says to use the control key somewhere?


Nice one !!!

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Hey @carolhmj, like @Blake had mentioned, you should be able to use the Command key on MacOS in the same manner as the Control key on Windows. They are effectively the same kind of button (mostly). IIRC, what we think of as right-click on MacOS is pretty much the left-click+Control macro which would explain why Ctrl-click behaves the way it did for @Barry.

I know cmd+click can select multiple blocks. but the ctrl+mouse drag can do rectangle selection. they are not the same @PolygonalSun @Blake

cmd + mouse drag isn’t doing rectangle selection right now?

cmd + mouse drag isn’t doing rectangle selection for me. @carolhmj

@PolygonalSun what about in yours? Just trying to get a bit more info

Whenever I try to use the CMD + left click to bring up the rectangle select, it doesn’t work for me. It kinda feels like it’s not recognizing that the CMD (Meta) key is pressed to start the selection process.

I’m using the evt.metaKey property to check, do you think it might not be filled up correctly? Babylon.js/graphCanvas.tsx at 3d16adca43e1a5af649943244e7d455013fd9621 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

After looking up the definition of metaKey, I think your fix is correct. @carolhmj

KeyboardEvent.metaKey Read only

Returns a boolean value that is true if the Meta key (on Mac keyboards, the ⌘ Command key; on Windows keyboards, the Windows key ()) was active when the key event was generated.

It looks like the problem was that only ctrl was checked when drag-selecting, here’s a little fix to check _multiKeyIsPressed, instead of just ctrl, that’s working locally on my MacBook. :slight_smile:


Thank you lots! :star_struck:

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