[NME] Multi-select UX unusable on Mac

In order to select multiple nodes in the Node Material Editor (NME), a user has two options:

  • Press the CTRL key while individually left-clicking on each node to add it to the selection
  • Press the CTRL key while left-click-dragging to perform a marquee selection of multiple nodes

Unfortunately, CTRL + left-click on Mac always opens the browser context menu. This is a behavior built into the OS and cannot be changed. The impact is that multi-select in NME seems to be impossible on Mac.

If anyone knows a workaround, LMK. Otherwise, if others can confirm this is indeed a bug, I will create a bug Issue on GitHub (the bug Issue template directed me to post here first.)

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I couldn’t find any workaround on my MacBook either, but multi-select would be awesome. :slight_smile:

Cc @carolhmj

Oh snaps, I had no idea Mac was like this D: Would changing the key to CMD on Mac solve that?

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Yes. I’m pretty sure changing the required modifier key from Control to Command (for Mac users) would solve this since Command doesn’t seem to be mapped to any other action in the NME.

If I can carve out some time in the next week or so I might try and implement a solution so I can submit my first PR to Babylon.js! But if someone fixes it before then, I won’t complain. :grinning:


Hey there @Kris I ended up not having bandwith to check this, but would you like me to do this now? I just can’t test since no Mac :rofl:

@carolhmj if you have time to try implementing a fix, that would be great (I also haven’t had time to get to it!) I’d be happy to test the fix when you give me the signal.

Opened! Add meta key to the possible multi selection keys on NME by carolhmj · Pull Request #12657 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com) I’ll ping the Mac owners on the team to test too :smiley: