Is it the time to target webgl2 featureset?


We are making a simple 3d educational game for ages 8-14, and we want to publicly publish it and make it available to as much student audience as possible. Do you have real life practical experience based recommendation for us to whether use WebGL2 feature set (3D textures and instanced drawing (which is an extension in webgl1))? I watched this Khronos WebGL2 meetup (Virtual WebGL Meetup - 2020 - YouTube) and they are recommending using WebGL2. But we need practical advice from teams that actually faced this decision. Also, is it better to target WebGL2 on the desktop browsers, but force the users to download apps on mobile devices using bablyon native for example?


You can blindly select webgl2 now. The only missing browser was safari iOS but the update 14.3 should add support for it

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Thanks for the answer, but what about old devices (old chrome books, phones and tables) are these posing practical “reachability” problem, since our main audience is school children?