Is there a new way to export the BumpMap Value?

Hello, I am working with 3ds max using the pbr material to export materials. It seems sth. has changed when exporting the bump value. The bumpMap gets exportet coreectly but the value (in sandbox found in materials/level/bump) is always 0 even if i use the scalar Factors Checkbox.

is there a new way to do this? I also was wondering what the “Add Normal bump(s) attributes” button is doing.(picture)

Thanks in Advance

If I understand you correctly, the value is being exported but not being read correctly?

Would it be possible to share a reproduction? a simple model that is exported and shown in the playground so we can see what the issue is?

Pinging @Guillaume_Pelletier who implemented the 3ds max exporter

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Hello @RaananW and thanks for the fast answer. In previous BabylonjsExporterVersions (I work with the babylon exporter since 2019 or so) there was always the possibility to export the bump level value.
So if I put the bump map value on 2 for example (max. level in sandbox) it took the value to this box seen in the picture.

It is not anymore doing it. But i am not sure since what version.

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the Add bumpmap attribute is dedicated to add specific attributes to a Normal map if attached to the BumpMap
This allow to tell the exporter the way of the Normal Map is stored - this is an advanced setting.
Regarding the Level, i made a quick test and did get the level exported. Attached the Max Scene (you may rebind the noise texture) and the GLB output.
Test (737.7 KB)

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Hello @Guillaume_Pelletier,

I opened your testfile in max and exported it, but it is not working for me. To me it looks like this is maybe a 3dsMax2023 issue.

I saw yours was created in max2021.
It was also very interresting to see how you used the normal bump map to get the settings exported. This was actually a new way for me of doing it and also very different from the way described in the documentation on this site (babylonjs)

So I was digging deeper into this and used gltf pipeline to convert the glb u send me to gltf and compared it with an exported one from max2023. And you see on this picture that the value is just 0 in max2023 in max2021 it is 0.3.

Also another thing that I discovered is that the values in the NormalBump you are using in your example are just acting like multipliers (so if u put 0 in the bumpslot of the material nothing will happen even if there is a multiplier set) so in your example the bumpvalue of the material 0.3 is multiplied by 1 and stays 0.3

Anyway nice to know that we can use a normalbump Mixer to mix two normalMaps

If you need me to test further let me know.

Should i create a bugticket regarding the max2023 problem?

Just download the new version, we just fixed. Basically, the properties were addressed using indices (which is a bad idea, cause any ui modification offset the indice - 2023 introduce some offset…) so I changed the access to the property by using the name behind the script.
Be aware it may also happen for other values, but it will be fix soon by refactoring this Physical material access.