Is there a roadmap for Inspector?

I wonder to know if there is a roadmap for Inspector. I mean, which features are planned for the future? Is there an active development now?

I don’t think there is an official roadmap but @sebavan may have some ideas. Is there a particular feature you are wanting to have added?

@Dok11 no special plans I am aware of besides CSS modules I believe.

Anything in particular you were interested in ?

Yes, there a lot of features that i want to have in the inspector, so, before think about implementation and make PR or probably feature requests I wanted to know current plans if they are to avoid conflicts or duplication of work =)


I’m eager to see this. Had a couple or a few myself. Would you mind opening a feature request so we can feed it before turning it into a PR? Of course, it would be for v7 since it’s freezed as of just now.

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You can see everything that is currently planned for 7.0 by using the milestone tag in our github issues: 7.0 Milestone ( (CSS Modules on the Inspector isn’t there yet, it needs to be added). This is probably going to change a bit soon as after we do 6.0 release, we’ll have a biig meeting where we discuss our plans for 7.0 :slight_smile:

EDIT: And yeah, if there’s anything in particular if you want to see in the inspector, please feel free to open a feature request as this makes it easier for us to organize the needs of the community!

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