Is there a way to get different LOD cubeTextures from a .env file?

We have a custom shader that uses different LOD cubetextures to handle roughness and reflections. I am attempting to use a .env file, which i believe has stuff baked in that works for different LODs inside of babylonjs shaders. However, with our custom shader, is there a way to pull out a 512 cube texture vs a 64 cube texture vs a 128 cubetexture out of that .env file?

pinging @sebavan

I am not totally sure about the question and what you are trying to achieve ?

If it is about the env size yup it supports several sizes.

It is very possible that i am not using the right words; i inherited a code base and do not have a lot of shader knowledge. From what i can tell in the documentation for the .env file, it contains several different resolutions packed within it… is that accurate?

Yes it contains all the faces of all the lod of a cube texture

Is there a way to pull that out? so i can get just the 512 faces? or just the 64 faces? as their own cubeTexture?

You could probably use the same method as us to parse the .env on your side: Babylon.js/environmentTextureTools.ts at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub