Is there an option to switch between linear and sRGB color space?

Hi, I’m looking for the equivalent of this option from three.js, does Babylon have a similar option?

renderer.outputEncoding = THREE.sRGBEncoding
renderer.outputEncoding = THREE.LinearEncoding

Also, is Babylon using sRGB by default?

cc @sebavan who can give you an overview on how it works in BJS

Basically in Babylon it is mostly automated from the default use cases. For instance in PBR, colored textures are know to be in gamma but the full pipeline works in linear. If you ever need to change it on a texture , you can force texture.gammaSpace = false

This was mostly for inputs. For output, the canvas is currently always gamma and you can change the RTT output by setting up the imageProcessing post process and such.


Thanks, I’ll look into this…