Is where an upper limit the the number of nodes used in a material?

Hi, i have built a shader in the procedural part of the NME and got a blue screen instead of a preview of the shader after adding a certain number of custom frames/nodes. Disconnecting the last added custom frame from the fragment output solves the problem. The operating system under which the error occurrred was Windows 8 and the firefox browser in the developer version.

The only limitations are the browser ones from the emitted glsl code.

A blue screen is kind of a bummer and should be considered a security issue. You should contact the Firefox team with your repro.

I have tried it in Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge all show the same blue window.

If you want to test it here is the link. Just connect the last addative node in the chain to the Fragment output.

@Mr_TT You missed linking the node material.

Hello @Mr_TT just checking in if you still have this issue and if you can show us the material?