Issue with compressed textures of model on reloading saved serialized scene JSON

We have a glb model with compressed textures, when we drag and drop the model into scene it loads perfectly fine but after dropping it first time we are serializing scene and saving it in storage and when we reload and scene will load initially with this saved JSON scene and we see some weird issue with texture

First load

reloading and using serialized saved scene

It’s a known problem with the serializer, which does not keep the original texture format.

See GLTFSerializer v2 · Issue #12600 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

I think that for compressed textures, the serializer is not able to retrieve meaningful data, so you get the “404 not found” checkered texture instead.

Yeah, I see the texture in serialized material being converted to base 64 and data type is image/png, do you think this could be the issue?

Yes, currently the serializer tries to convert all pictures to png.