KHR_materials_variants from Maya Exporter

Hi all,
I tried to search around without success.

Is possible to export the Material variant from Maya with the exporter?

In another way is possibile in Sandbox?

Many thanks!

pinging @Guillaume_Pelletier

KHR_materials_variant is only available into the Babylon js GLTF/GLB loader, allowing the player to use existing models.
However, this is currently NOT supported at export feature into Babylon, 3DSMax or Maya.

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Thank you for you reply :slight_smile:

Are you thinking about an implementation of this function in the future?


I do not know. I let Babylon Team respond on that feature request.

So far we do not plan to add more to Maya or Max exporter as Autodesk is about to ship an exporter on their own

BUT! if you want to contribute I will be glad to merge any PR

Thanks for your reply,
I didn’t know about Autodesk export,
unfortunately I am not a developer, but someone would like to add the feature and need a tester, I would be happy to participate!

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