Never get materials in GLB in babylon Max exporter


Today I tried to convert about 15 different public Max models to .glb in babylon max exporter.
And in all cases I got zero materials / textures in the end.

Max files loaded fine, didn’t complain about missing textures.
But when I try to export glb - it complains about unsupported material VRayMtl in about 50% of nodes.
Exporting is very long, about 30 mins. And in the end of export - it says about 0 materials in output file.
And yes, when I open glb file - it has no materials.

Any suggestions please?

P.S. Thousands of examples here:

For example:

cc @Guillaume_Pelletier

Welcome! Maybe this link is helpful.(PS: I use Blender .I usually change the materials that cannot be exported to PrincipledBSDF)

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Changing materials in such big files - is several days of work. I expected that Exporter converts materials. There are many textures, diffuse, specular, other parameters, which can be used in GLB PBR material. But it just ignores the Max materials. No single material was exported. I’m currently trying to convert to FBX and then from FBX to GLB. At least exported FBX has all textures / materials exported.