Lettering, straight on front and reverse on the back

Hello, I am writing on a polygon. The text on the front is smooth, but on the back, the text looks upside down. I used two different polygons to solve this, but when I lower the opacity of the polygons, it mixes with the text on the back when viewed from the front. How can I solve this? Do you have an idea?

rounded rectangle | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)



There are different ways you can achieve that. Either through the mesh or the material.
If you want to do it through the mesh, you can simply use backFaceCulling on the mesh material.
Or simply create your poly with only FRONTSIDE.
Next, create an instance of your mesh, rotate it (and cull the backface if you want to do it through the material).

Else you could also, clone your material (and your dynamicTexture), keep the context and just use negative scaling on the axis for your instanced mesh.

Here’s an example using two meshes (since you said you would use this method).


Mawa beat me to it but yeah I was going to suggest FRONTSIDE :rofl:


Sorry, didn’t ment to interrupt :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nah, your answer is way more in depth than I was making :grin: Thank you for always taking the time for composing great answers :clap:


Thanks for your valuable answers. It appears on the pg screen that the problem has been successfully solved, but this was not the solution in my own project. I will take care of it, but if anyone still has problems despite the shared solution, I will share my own solution method with them. I made the polygon visible on one side and created another polygon behind the polygon and flipped it over and the problem went away.

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Good. As I said, there are a number of ways. Important is you found one that works for you and which you can master. Have a great time on this Season Holidays :sunglasses: