Light Affects the Color of Object


I’m trying to do some kind of model viewer for my personal project but I have a problem about lights. Because of the light, object looks more ‘yellow’ when you try to turn it around.


Playground link: Babylon.js Playground

I want something like sketchfab lightning: Kup - 3D model by mkaanztrk (@mkaanztrk) [6c00450] - Sketchfab


I tried to change intensity of light or position of light but nothing worked.

First of all, you need to check you environment.
By the way, if you use environment, you can use no lights at all.
In your example you use environment as at the picture:
(you may check it in Inspector -> Textures).

In order to have more grayscale colors in your scene it is better to use studio environment:

I changed environment and it solved the yellow color problem but now it looks far from what I want (sketchfab example).


Try not using pbr material, but only standard material with some light.

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As example (much simpler that import the cube):

  • Yes but this only works for cube, I also want this work for different objects that I upload (.glb/.gltf files) @labris

  • I tried to do this with standart material but did not work unfortunately @Mercurio

In order to have the same look as at Sketchfab you need to recreate all environment/lighting conditions of Sketchfab viewer.
If you will test this model at Sandbox, you will get the next result:

Another GLTF viewer also shows similar results and the same error (image missing):

I was actually wondering what kind of lighting/environment setup to display models like similar to sketchfab. I tried different combinations but none of them worked.

I am not sure but it can be because there is the error (image missing) in cup.glb file.
Maybe it is not missing at Sketchfab side?
Could you try some examples with 3D models which have no errors?